Durable Laminates

Laminate flooring that lasts

Why choose laminate?

Laminate flooring is :

  • Low maintenance

  • Pet friendly

  • Excellent value

  • Easy to maintain

Capturing the look and textures of wood or stone, but offering a great value, pet-proof and easy to maintain floor, laminate flooring is the perfect choice for busy young families or those wanting a fuss-free flooring option.

Laminate flooring consists of a durable HDF core, a printed decor layer that features the design and a resin top layer with a texture that generally follows the design underneath. This resin layer makes laminate flooring exceptionally tough and really easy to look after.

Woodstyle Sunroom

The look of your laminate floor will be affected by the three main aspects; the colour, texture and size of plank. Look out for a bevelled edge as this will help the floor to look more realistic too. Laminate is versatile and so it is possible to create many different colours in the same look and to recreate the dramatic look of exotic species, often prohibitively expensive in genuine wood flooring

With different thickness’s, widths and lengths, laminate is great for homes that want the look of wood or tile, but with a floor that delivers great value. Packed to the brim with easy living advantages, modern generation laminates are ideal for homes that want a good looking floor on a budget.

wood style vinyl

Dreamy Beds

from Bonnell

Bonnell Collection

With a choice of 13.5G and 12.5G units (ortho) in the range and a variety of fabrics this quality

tailored collection suits all budgets.



At The Carpet Trade Beds our collections are produced using the finest components and finished to

the highest standards to ensure your customer satisfaction.


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Beautiful Vinyls

Luxury vinyl flooring

Why choose vinyl?

Many people imagine that choosing bathroom flooring will be a difficult task. While everyone wants an attractive option, it is also very important, because it is such a wet environment, to make practicality a priority. This will ensure that you find a floor that can cope with the demands placed upon it, without being damaged.

We have a wide range of stylish vinyl flooring options that can be comfortably installed in a bathroom or kitchen, so that you won’t have to compromise on style or quality.

20150516_132408 - Copy

Vinyl bathroom flooring

All vinyl floor products can be used in the bathroom, as it is water resistant and not affected by humidity. This also means it is very easy to mop up any splashes from the bath or shower.  As an added bonus, vinyl is incredibly easy to clean and resistant to a large amount of wear and tear.

Although solid wood flooring is not a practical choice for your bathroom, you can get the appearance of it with our wood effect luxury vinyl floors. They come in a variety of designs from pale oak to dark walnut, so you’re sure to find something that will compliment your bathroom scheme.

Vinyl kitchen flooring

Vinyl is an excellent choice for kitchens as it’s water resistant properties mean the floor will be easy to clean and won’t be damaged in the event of spills or leaks. Luxury vinyl is durable as well, able to resist the wear and tear of a busy kitchen while maintaining it’s attractive surface.

Because luxury vinyl comes from The Carpet Trade Co. Ltd. in diverse styles and shades, you will be able to find the right floor to suit your kitchen design scheme.

kitchen Tile vinyl

Quality Carpets

Carpets for every room in the house

Why choose carpet?

Carpet has been a mainstay of the UK home for seven decades or more. It’s warmth and softness offering a cosy feel that no other floor can match.

Traditionally woven from wool, recently man-made fibres and tufted carpets have come to dominate, many of which offer stain-resistance to withstand the trials of busy family life. These carpets offer excellent value and fibre types such as polypropylene, wool and nylon can be mixed to benefit from individual properties.

Carpet offers the home a great range of benefits such as :

  • Soft and safe underfoot

  • Great heat insulator

  • Helps to reduce noise

  • Lots of colours to choose from

  • Different textures

  • ‘Locks’ away dust between cleans

Of course, for maximum effect, a good quality underlay should be used. For families wanting that cosy and traditional feel, carpet should be high up on the list and if you need reassurance that stains can be easily removed, choose a stain-resistant variety.

With cut and loop piles available and even a mixture of the two, carpet comes in lots of interesting textures that can add depth and vitality to your floor.  Colours too are wide ranging and while neutral and natural tones are popular, carpet is also available in some really great shades. From bright pop colours to rich and regal tones of blue and red. The only real limit is your imagination