Dreamy Beds

from Bonnell

Bonnell Collection

With a choice of 13.5G and 12.5G units (ortho) in the range and a variety of fabrics this quality

tailored collection suits all budgets.



At The Carpet Trade Beds our collections are produced using the finest components and finished to

the highest standards to ensure your customer satisfaction.


Sleep plays a vital role in keeping us all healthy. It allows our bodies to repair and renew themselves in preparation for the next day’s modern demands. Sleep activates the healing process and rehydrates spinal discs.

Sleep also strengthens the immune system and allows the body to rejuvenate. For children and teenagers it is the ONLY time that they grow as growth hormones are only released when we sleep. The type of support required also changes as you get older, so what was comfortable in our 20’s may not be so in our 30’s and 40’s and so on.

Follow the guide and choose the correct comfort layer to your condition which suits your personal preference.